Thursday, October 29, 2009


Here's a portrait I did of PATTON OSWALT, My favorite stand-up comedian of all time. I'm a big fan of "comedy through word choice" as I call it, and Patton is a masterful magician of word choice, garnishes every joke with delectable vocabulary. This is a terrible description. But anyways, you can tell he was an English major. So, I based the illustration off of one of his jokes from his recent "MY WEAKNESS IS STRONG" where he talks about how he has become such a negative sarcastic person that it's really difficult for him to be around happy little children who admire his Ratatouille work. It's done on Acrylic on bristol mounted on masonite. It was fun drawing these little Linguini's and Remy's.

Here's a piece I did for Tomer's class. It's based off of Sloth, one of the deadly sins. The guy is drowning in his bed. Gouache on 4-ply bristol.


So I finally started working on digital art, and the transition from my traditional approach of illustrating has been much much smoother than I expected. All those times I messed with photoshop to place photos of my friends in embarrassing situations and funny backgrounds worked out; it kept my photoshop skills from deteriorating! hurrah! The first piece here was done earlier this week for Tomer Hanuka's class and I consider it a success except it deviates away from my usual style. The illustration is about Capgras Syndrome: a disorder that causes a person to think that his/her loved ones are actually identical looking imposters. That's no fun.

Ok, so I did this work below to experiment with digital coloring. (and it's totally my style!) I only use the "polygonal lasso tool" to make these random color shapes. It looks rough at first but once these shapes blend with the other shapes, it starts to smooth out and it gives it a real original look that I'm very happy with. This technique is kind of how I oil paint or do watercolors; let colors overlap and build up to create depth and's like two-dimensional sculpting.


oops...will post soon. I need to take some photos of things first...