Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Hello, whoever is looking at this post! I am here to tell you that these last 4 posts were all published at once! so the 3 posts below are brand spankin' new and the one you are currently looking at is also brand spankin' new! just consider the whole thing one super post!

Anyways, here are some facial expression studies and faces I drew in my sketchbook. When I apply to all these animation studio internships in April, I want to show them that I can capture emotions and expressions well, so I've been drawing facial expressions a lot. and you know what? it's pretty fun. I do this thing where I make the exact same facial expression as the person I'm drawing. So I have an angry face when I draw angry people and a big smile on my face when I draw happy people/anthropomorphic animals and such. and I don't even notice it half of the time.

CONFESSION: I make laser and explosion noises whenever I draw space ships.



So here is some concept work...
It's loosely based off "My Neighbor Totoro" and it takes place in the South of France rather than Japan. It's about a girl name Sophie who discovers these mystical creatures that come out at night. I did this project completely for fun.

the illustration above is ink and digital coloring. came out pretty good! I don't color digitally very often...so it's a success. the original ink version is below.


Here is the third illustration I did for my Robin Hood Visual Development and Character Design project...

It illustrates the final chase/showdown between Robin and the Sheriff of Nottingham.

I think I'm getting the hang of drawing and painting horses. (they used to be such a pain to draw, if you think about it horses are pretty funky looking animals).

And here is some character design I did for this project. I did facial expression studies of Robin and the Sheriff and I designed clothing for King Richard and the Sheriff. I might have more character design stuff on the way!


Hi everybody! Phew...lots of work to do. I have approximately 10 days to finish working on my portfolio. then off to print my portfolio into books and I will apply to internships and jobs by April!

Anyways, here's some more work from my Robin hood project...

Here's the second illustration with the original sketch and a color study I did.

Robin Hood and Merry Men Fight Prince John's Guards (Gouache)

sketch (graphite)

ColorStudy (photoshop)