Thursday, November 26, 2009


For Tomer Hanuka's portfolio class, he wanted us to do a cover for the New Yorker, which was really fun. So I did one regarding New York's high tourist populous, but I kept it from being too cynical. It's just happy and fun.

I really love how it turned out. I think I found my artistic medium soul mate because I'm in love with gouache. Hopefully I'll submit it to "the New Yorker" but after I figure out how. hmm...

Thy Self-Portrait

here's a little avatar I painted for my business card, which should be finished real soon!

Notice how I painted myself with my trademark tumbleweed hair,my plaid shirts, and my gleeful smile of gleefulness.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

GOUACHE DARN IT PART DEUX: lots and lots of work

Here is everything I did from Sunday to Tuesday. Phew, I've been busy. But I'm also having tons of fun, and that's what really matters.

These first two pieces are for Soojin Buzelli's class, my favorite class this semester (right up there with portfolio class with Tomer Hanuka's class). The third piece I did for fun and possibly as a promotional piece. The fourth one, was also for fun. The last one is for Tomer's portfolio class. They're all gouache on 4-ply bristol.


Here's a quick run through of my process. And I am going to use my most recent project as an example.

So I had to do an illustration for Soojin Buzelli's class and we had to illustrate something for this thing called "HOT OFF THE PRESSES" that's always featured on PLANADVISER magazine. So I sent the teacher four sketches. (Below)

The fourth sketch (the tiki-running on hot coal) got approved but she "art-directed" me and e-mailed me saying she wanted more tiki-men (and tiki-women) and she wanted them to be dancing on fire rather than running on hot coal looking like they're in excruciating pain, which makes sense. So after I read her e-mail, I did a sketch right away, and e-mailed her back in an hour with this.

I then did a quick color study (will post soon)

Then I went and did the final. The piece was supposed to 8.25 by 2.5 with bleed. But I needed to work larger for the small detail, so I increased the size by 1.4 (11.9 by 3.85 inches) and then I did the gouache painting in that size and made it the correct size on photoshop. The painting took about 8 hours, and here's the final below.

I'm very happy with it, overall a success. I used more pure colors and mixed less. I even used the cadium red and some yellows straight out of the tube, so I can keep the bright fun colors.

R.I.P. OLD HEADER! July 2009 - November 2009

I will truly miss you, old blog header.
and I will post a picture a picture of you so I will never forget.


But let's not be too sad. For I have a cool new one.