Thursday, May 13, 2010


For my latest project, I am creating parodies of old 1960s and 1970s tobacco and alcohol advertisements. If you haven't seem them before, the ads always have these false taglines that make you cringe, like "four out of five doctors smoke CAMEL CIGARETTES!" or "cigarettes relieve throat pains". But although these ads are in a moral grey area, they sure are fun to look at! They also have tons of retro cool typefaces. So I created my own products (Pelican Cigarettes, and John Wilkes Booth Premium Whiskey) and made ridiculous ads for them. I also had fun with textures to recreate the old worn-down magazine look. Enjoy! More coming on the way!

Astronauts Love Pelican Cigarettes (gouache)

John Wilkes Booth Premium Single Malt Whiskey (gouache)

P.S. I graduate from the School of Visual Arts with my Bachelor's in Fine Art tommorrow at Radio City Music Hall. Oh goodness.