Thursday, January 21, 2010


Sorry I couldn't post for a while. I was in GERMANY and FRANCE the entire winter break. Back to School last week. but I got a lot of paintings done around the end of december because we were snowed in for a few days.

The paintings in this post are what I submitted yesterday to SPECTRUM 17.

First three paintings done in the month of December.
Fourth painting is a re-worked version of something I did in November.

The New Kid, 14x18, inches Gouache

A Surprise for Dad, 14x19 inches, Gouache

German Bears in Strausburg, 14x18 inches, Gouache

Dr. Jennings' Amazon Safari Adventure, 12x17 inches, Gouache & Digital

WISH ME LUCK , EVERYBODY! it's my first time submitting to Spectrum! And I have some more illustrations that I will scan and post very very soon! now that I'm back in NYC, the posts will come weekly! Bye!