Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Hello, whoever is looking at this post! I am here to tell you that these last 4 posts were all published at once! so the 3 posts below are brand spankin' new and the one you are currently looking at is also brand spankin' new! just consider the whole thing one super post!

Anyways, here are some facial expression studies and faces I drew in my sketchbook. When I apply to all these animation studio internships in April, I want to show them that I can capture emotions and expressions well, so I've been drawing facial expressions a lot. and you know what? it's pretty fun. I do this thing where I make the exact same facial expression as the person I'm drawing. So I have an angry face when I draw angry people and a big smile on my face when I draw happy people/anthropomorphic animals and such. and I don't even notice it half of the time.

CONFESSION: I make laser and explosion noises whenever I draw space ships.


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