Thursday, November 12, 2009


Here's a quick run through of my process. And I am going to use my most recent project as an example.

So I had to do an illustration for Soojin Buzelli's class and we had to illustrate something for this thing called "HOT OFF THE PRESSES" that's always featured on PLANADVISER magazine. So I sent the teacher four sketches. (Below)

The fourth sketch (the tiki-running on hot coal) got approved but she "art-directed" me and e-mailed me saying she wanted more tiki-men (and tiki-women) and she wanted them to be dancing on fire rather than running on hot coal looking like they're in excruciating pain, which makes sense. So after I read her e-mail, I did a sketch right away, and e-mailed her back in an hour with this.

I then did a quick color study (will post soon)

Then I went and did the final. The piece was supposed to 8.25 by 2.5 with bleed. But I needed to work larger for the small detail, so I increased the size by 1.4 (11.9 by 3.85 inches) and then I did the gouache painting in that size and made it the correct size on photoshop. The painting took about 8 hours, and here's the final below.

I'm very happy with it, overall a success. I used more pure colors and mixed less. I even used the cadium red and some yellows straight out of the tube, so I can keep the bright fun colors.

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