Wednesday, July 22, 2009


The following four images here are the oil paintings that I did for the Junior Thesis Show at the School of Visual Arts. It was risky to try a new medium for such a large project but I thought it would be a fun learning process. I was unsure about continuing with Oil Paintings but my teacher Eric White really pushed me to get back into it. And I plan to continue oil painting even for my Senior portfolio.

I also accumulated a lot of unfinished oil paintings during the last semester. I did a lot of paintings to practice technique and I also tried to finish many paintings in one sitting, which prevented me from working on parts of paintings that were really wet. So I ended up with a pile of canvases with 50% finished paintings. But I loved these paintings sometimes even more than my completed paintings.

The thing that I miss most about oil painting is how messy my studio space got...

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